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Setting up a discretionary trust can help reduce an inheritance tax bill. But, as Iris Wuenschmann-Lyall explains, retiring family businesses owners can also retain a good measure of control over their enterprise

UK REITs could offer families the liquidity and diversification they search for without the hair-raising volatility of hedge funds and conventional stocks, says Melanie Stern

Global competitive pressures mean many of Europe’s family businesses will need to divest their non-core activities or raise fresh capital. Wealth managers say this will increase investor exposure to private equity. What happens next, asks Scott McCulloch

A growing number of super wealthy US families and a decline in service at the banks that once catered to them have sparked an explosion in multi-family offices, according to a survey by Bloomberg and Family Office Management.

Private equity can be a useful option for a family business pondering growth strategies or exit plans. But, as Richard Willsher explains, investors will be looking to gain some measure of control

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