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You don’t have to throw your company to the lions when the time for exit approaches. Melanie Stern examines how selling to your managers or staff can provide another way out

Public markets are not only an attractive alternative source of finance for family or owner-managed businesses but provide a cost-effective exit strategy for the founders without losing control of the business, explains Jonathan Jenkins

Most of us are familiar with the statistics illustrating family businesses’ mistrust of venture capital. Just 0.9% of UK business families turn to this sector for development finance, according to Manchester Business School, as opposed to the 72% who stick to bank loans.

The prospect of an infusion of cash can be tantalising for family firms considering a share float. But are families willing to shoulder the regulatory scrutiny that follows an IPO? Adam Knight reports

Family businesses which pass premises down between generations could be caught in Britain’s plans to close loopholes in the inheritance tax regime, say experts familiar with the Labour government’s new budget proposals.

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