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  • In the smartest arrondissement in Paris, the eighth, there is an area referred to by the locals as the triangle d’or. It’s formed by three of the most exclusive shopping Avenues – Montaigne, George V and Champs-Élysées – and contains a number of fashionable Rues in between. It is also the home of some of the best-known family businesses in the luxury sector.

  • Many people enjoy fine wine but most wouldn’t give a second thought to the storage process. Bertrand Gobin talks to the family who have made a living providing the best casks for the best wine

  • Groupe Melkonian began as a repair workshop whose customers included The Rolling Stones. Then Jacques Melkonian discovered underground mining and, second-generation chairman Geneviève Rambaud tells Bertrand Gobin, the family has never looked back

  • The Mulliez family, which controls a distribution network empire throughout Europe, is one of the wealthiest families in France. And, as Bertrand Gobin reports, this wealth is mainly thanks to a special family pact…

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