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Tax and Jurisdictions

The financial crisis has demonstrated the need for new regulatory approaches and increased supervision of financial service providers. This has sparked a raft of new legislation that attempts to ensure no such crisis happens again.

The latest edition of Campden FO, the magazine dedicated to the global family office community, is now available. There are two areas of focus to this issue: tax and family offices in Asia.

Lilian Bettencourt, L’Oreal heiress and France’s richest woman, has said she will declare her overseas assets after she was caught on tape discussing apparently undisclosed holdings with an advisor.

Wealthy families around the world may appear to be facing a barrage of tax increases, but there is positive news if you look carefully, writes Selwyn Parker.

The ability to tax plan and tax mitigate is now treated almost as the divine right of the wealthy, but in our straightened times is this attitude any longer morally defensible, assuming it ever was?