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Many Swiss and foreign investors are looking to invest in Swiss real estate through collective investment vehicles. Although Switzerland does not offer the option of a REIT, the Swiss real estate investment fund may be more flexible and tax efficient for the investor, explains Stephan Pfenninger

What UK family firms think about corporate finance

Research suggests that investors are increasing their exposure to real estate. But if that’s where the hot money is going it’s much less clear how to invest, where to get advice and who to work with for the best results, says Richard Willsher

Most HNWIs like to take responsibility for their own investment decisions and are extremely active in managing their investments. It’s not wrong, or misguided, if it produces the right results, argues John Clemens

Fouad (Fred) H is a self-made man. He arrived in Montreal from Lebanon in the late 1950s at the age of 23 with $150 in his pocket and a pregnant wife, Nieves, whom he met while on vacation in Spain.

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